Almost perpetually miserable, Chris has trouble dealing with... everything.
Now his life isn't really all THAT bad, he just thinks it is. Okay, so maybe
his girlfriend of 2 years dumped him as he was proposing, and maybe he's been working at a convenience
store for even longer, and maybe he doesn't really have any real skills, but
things could get worse, right? Right. And they do.

Still, considering everything, he is a tad glum for his circumstances.
In all his twenty-five years of life, he could probably be best described as
"pessimistic" or just plain "whiny"; though most recently he's been
fairly consistent as a "grump".
He really likes making mixtapes for situations. As a child, his career
ambition was to be "the guy who picks songs for movies".


A strange girl who acts before thinking and speaks without even considering to clarify.
She's reckless and blunt and doesn't consider the consequences of actions.
In general, she's just a little bit removed from what one might deem as normal,
She's admittedly sheltered and a bit naive, she also tends to trust people she just met.

There's also the small detail of her ability access peoples' subconscious minds
and mess around in their dreams, but that's hardly worth mentioning.
Unsurprisingly, the nineteen year old student happens to major in psychology. 

Always seems to be smirking about something.
His joy in life seems to consist of making everyone around him
completely miserable without actually doing anything.
He's completely irresponsible and not the kind of person you'd want
to trust with anything remotely personal for fear of it spreading around.
All things considered, he's probably the worst type of person to
be friends with a person like Chris.
In all fairness though, he actually is a pretty good friend.
He lacks a filter and often makes things even worse,
but deep down, he really does care. Mostly.

A woman with a sweet disposition... who happens to
have ripped Chris's heart to shreds. She's the kind
of person who will go the distance to make other people
happy even if she has to suffer for it, well, most of the time.
Despite being quite intelligent, she never finished her education
after becoming frustrated with her own lack of direction.

A University student with a taste for younger men,
Abby is also Chris's little sister.
She's feisty and sometimes just downright abrasive,
but amazingly good at getting people to do what she wants.
Despite her age, she is not fully independent, often seeking
the aid of her brother, her parents or anyone close enough
to take pity on her and help her out.