Not that much weirder than Scientology, in theory.

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Kohikki, January 20th, 2011, 12:09 am

- Chris doesn't get much time alone.

Still Wednesday in some time zones, right?!

...Well, anyway...

I hope you enjoy! Thank you for reading! :)

(Unrelated, On the subject of that 200+ fans thing I was gonna do: Still gonna do it... still might be a while, I am trying to find time between pages and work, Gonna make a wallpaper because some of you thought it was a good idea and I think it's a good idea too.)

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Kohikki, January 20th, 2011, 1:37 pm

Replies -

@blankd and manabiscuit: That danged Nolan, stealin' my ideas.

@Stella: XD Hahaha, totally. It's going to be just like "House of the Devil". And then in the end when you think Chris has gotten away... Dun dun dunn.

And la Valse des RĂªves means "Waltz of Dreams", it's really hokey sounding in English which is why I wanted to change it to something else a while back. When I proposed the idea, most people preferred the French title, so I figured "Alright, I'll stick with this one then". (The whole thing of it being in French comes from a set of characters that won't show up until Chapter 3.)

On the colouring, I coloured this page and the last in pretty much the same way, but I did switch the colouring style pretty dramatically at around page...48. Then after I came back from the 2 weeks break, it changed a little bit more. For the most part, I feel like I'm better at cell shading, if only because I don't look at my coloured pages and just go "Urrgggh, damn, what happened?" anymore. XD

@mildtarantula: It'd be funny if they did turn out to be a cult now though. :D

@trailer: Haha, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm surprised so many people check the alt-text. XD

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Reader Comments:


A Scientology alt-text!
Ricky Gervais would be proud.

posted by pinemarten127 on January 20th, 2011, 1:14 am


Ahaha, I would be so proud to make Ricky proud. XD

posted by Kohikki on January 20th, 2011, 1:18 am


Tricked him... into thinking he saw it? Man he's got some bad denial XD

posted by ZaneZandell on January 20th, 2011, 3:28 am


Those cults can be dangerous, man, brainwashing! You never know!
But yeah, denial like whoa. :D

posted by Kohikki on January 20th, 2011, 3:29 am


yes it's a cult and they'll turn you into prey for satan...

I wonder what method is it. I bet it's a shock therapy ;d

posted by Iron on January 20th, 2011, 3:41 am


it totally is.
Bernard is the leader, that's why he wears a robe. /Everything makes sense now.

And haha, nah, it's what Lily mentioned on the last page about tackling the problem through his dreams.

Replying to comments like this is so much easier for me, even if it is spammy. <_<

posted by Kohikki on January 20th, 2011, 4:27 am


Inception- ~boooooooawwmn~

posted by blankd on January 20th, 2011, 7:02 am


hohoho you mean EXTRACTION!! >8D
or something. I'm not really sure.

posted by mananabiscuit on January 20th, 2011, 8:02 am



That. Makes. So. Much. Sense.

posted by pwii on January 20th, 2011, 9:19 pm


Yeah! It's definitely some evil cult group! ^^ Now they're gonna strip poor Chris, make him a tatoo too and then kill him on a tomb of an unknown man as a sacrifice to their bloodlusty god!
Now seriously, I see that this page and the prev one are coloured somewhat differently. More cellshade-y? Anyways, good job!

btw. I tried to translate the title (French right?) and something like "valtzer of dreams" came out. Is that right or was it supposed to mean sthg else? Just curious.

posted by StellaCadente on January 21st, 2011, 7:49 am


so skeptical! silly chris, obviously they know their stuff!

posted by mildtarantula on January 21st, 2011, 2:02 pm


Lollol @ the Scientology joke

posted by Tornadotrailer on January 22nd, 2011, 10:31 am

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