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Kohikki, January 31st, 2011, 11:15 pm

- Late.
Still trying to catch back up from being late for the Wednesday update and life isn't really helping me too much in that department.

This is the last page for a while that'll take place in Bernard's room.
I will not miss drawing those books.

Lucid dreaming, one of the things that will become a huge part of this story, It's something that's fascinated me since I was about 13 or so. For those who are not familiar with the term, it is dreaming while knowing you're dreaming, being able to control your actions within dreams because of your awareness of your dreaming state. It's a pretty interesting concept but I've only ever had one dream where I figured out I was dreaming and that's because I had a dream within a dream!

Anyway, thanks for reading, guys.
I'm happy there's people who're enjoying this enough to follow along so far.
So really, thank you and enjoy.

Advertisement, July 22nd, 2018, 10:59 pm


Kohikki, January 31st, 2011, 11:58 pm

Replies -
@eishiya:Aww, thank you!
And Book off!
It would culminate with us both doing pages where the characters are trapped in a labyrinth of super intricately detailed books and by the end we'd both just sort of hate life, hahaha.

Oh wow, I've actually read about stuff like that, people who frequently dream lucidly not being able to wake up when they want to or have to... I bet it was really scary... I guess with the good parts of it, there's also the bad parts too. :(

@Fang Shinobi: Aww, kinda the same like how it was for me then, huh? It'd be cool if you could though, you could do all sorts of neat stuff. :D

@Boxers: Awww, that's a beautiful comment there, heh. I'm really glad you like it. :)

@Iron:: Oooo, you did it then? :O I would probably try flying too. Who doesn't want to fly!? (Anyone who says they don't is lying)

@Stella: Lily is a pro! :)
That sounds interesting though, I guess you probably wake up from dreams you thought were real pretty often, huh?
And oh man, geez. THOSE kind of realistic dreams. D: Had to be relieving to still be alive though, heh.

@Trailer: Haha, I guess flying really is the most common thing people wanna try then. :D I bet it's fun.
These responses are actually proving to be pretty insightful! And aww gosh, thank you so much. :)

@Mildtarantula: It is. XD My one friend who knows I am not the biggest fan of the trilogy told me to put it on his shelf for him. :D Among the books is also War of the worlds and some others. I got a little obsessive and looked up actual book spines for that panel. >_<
It's surprising to me how many people have or can or can almost dream lucidly. It is interesting despite the weirdness though, I agree! (Dreams are totally weird most of the time anyway though, haha) And then they just get weirder when you try to tell people about them. :D

@SignorinaAlli: Aww, thanks! :) I'm glad you are enjoying it.

@mananabiscuit: That is kind of an amazing story. XD Aww, it's a shame you can't lucid dream or you'd be able to stop the explosives and stuff. Weird CIA adventure Inception stuff sounds pretty damn awesome though. And gosh, thank you. :) That means a lot to me.

@Zhai: :O Ooo, neat. Did you have to try to do it or did it come naturally?

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Reader Comments:


Mmm, lucid dreaming <3
Those are some lovely books. I guess now I have to have another book scene in BD to try to top that, hurr. Book competition!

And pfft, don't thank your readers. We should be thanking you for sharing such an awesome comic with us, and for free at that.

posted by eishiya on January 31st, 2011, 11:54 pm


Well, sometimes I am aware I'm in a dream, but I can never really take control through.

posted by Fang Shinobi on January 31st, 2011, 11:56 pm


Yessss. I can't wait. ...My next book scene isn't for another 3-4 chapters, urgh.

I have lucid dreams infrequently. I often realize that I'm dreaming, but getting control is another story. I've only been able to do that a few times.
I'm not sure whether it was a lucid dream exactly, but once I realized that I was dreaming, knew I needed to wake up, but could not. It was very frightening. I had to short-circuit dream logic to wake up, and let me tell you: out-logicking dream logic is no easy task. I don't remember how I did it, but I really hope I never have to do that again.

posted by eishiya on February 1st, 2011, 12:04 am



Anywho, FINALLY CAUGHT UP yeesh that took me forever urgh. Going over the past couple of pages, it amuses me so that Bernard still is just not wearing pants. No one can tame that man.

And ohhh Lily. Pickin' on people since before most of us were even alive? Yes ma'am. She was a real cutie-pie though, wasn't she? Awww, girl.

Also, I am sort of in love with the last page. It's very well arranged, well drawn, and as usual, the faces are the bessst. Oh creepin' Bernard, you are creepin'. <33


posted by MYVBXRS on February 1st, 2011, 2:08 am


I'm also fascinated by lucid dreaming and it happened to me once too, haha. I mean not only realising it was a dream but actually taking actions consciously- and it was flying. Then my friend told me that at first attempt everybody tries flying xD.

posted by Iron on February 1st, 2011, 3:20 am


Apparently Lily's a very good lucid dreamer or sthg.
I tried to lucid dream but unfortunately it never worked. In my case it's all the opposite. I dream but I think it's real and I don't let some things happen cause I know I can't do them.

posted by StellaCadente on February 1st, 2011, 3:39 am


I tend to dream rather realistic (but actually creepy) stuff, real people or places. The funniest part is to dream dying. Like recently I dreamed I got my throat cut, there was blood everywhere and I felt like choking and... well... imagine the rest. Then I woke up and was like "wtf? I'm still alive? O.o "

posted by StellaCadente on February 1st, 2011, 11:48 am


I love lucid dreaming!!!!
Whenever I realize I'm in a dream, I try to fly. XDD And I absolutley love your detail to facial expressions! Keep up the wonderful work Kohikki!

posted by Tornadotrailer on February 1st, 2011, 8:29 pm


is that lord of the rings on that bookshelf? XD
haha i actually don't like lucid dreaming, when i'm finally fully awake after it, i'm always like "what the hell was that about?"! it is interesting though!

posted by mildtarantula on February 2nd, 2011, 9:27 am


Just caught up with this comic, love it! Keep up the good work! c:

posted by SignorinaAlli on February 2nd, 2011, 4:21 pm


I've never really had lucid dreaming but I've always wanted to (always fascinated). The closest would be when I was half-awake like I woke and went back to sleep so my dream was about what I just my dad checking yahoo with my sister and the next moment the yahoo inbox was changing colors and my sister was like 'oh, you're gonna check my email...? :\' and I was like what? The rest were more like my brain saying WAKE UP DAMMIT..IF YOU DON'T THIS WILL HAPPEN!! and its like me being late but taken up to eleven so maybe explosives are involved or something and there's a deadline so the bomb will go detonate somewhere or something. But never lucid dreaming. :| They are getting more realistic though, but at the same time like CIA adventure weird elaborate inception type shit, hahahaha
I LOVE THIS THANK YOU FOR UPDATING XD This is one of my four absolute faves everrrr here!!

posted by mananabiscuit on February 5th, 2011, 12:41 am


Hm, lucid dreaming. when I was like...12 or something I had the lucid dreamthing pretty often actually :) It's weird stuff though :P

posted by Zhai on February 5th, 2011, 6:00 am


I am really fascinated by Bernard's nose. So sexy.

posted by December on September 11th, 2012, 7:02 am

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